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Pardon the dust!

The Commissions Page is still under construction. This is only a rough simple outline for the commissions and prices are subject to change.

All Commissions default to size 8x10 inches, unless customer specified, with a max size of 13x19.

Base Pricing

$20 Full Figure Digital Portrait Sketch w/ or w/out Inked Lineart

$10 Close Up, Expression or Anatomy Study w/ or w/out Inked Lineart


Add Ons

$5 Each Additional Close Up, Expression Study, or Similar

$15 Each Additional Full Figure Person, Character, or Animal

$15 Each Additional Complex Mechanical Object (such as an automobile, train, mobile suit, space ship, etc)

$15 Add a Basic Background (such as simple graphic design elements, textured colors, one or two simple objects, etc)

$25 Add a Complex Background (such as full landscape or cityscape)


Coloring Style Per Figure

+$10 Basic Flat Colors 

+$15 Cell Shading

+$20 Watercolor Style

+$25 Textures - No or Little Shading

+$30 Textures - Full Shading


Rush Fees

+25% of total art price for 30 Day Completion Guarantee

+75% of total art price for 14 Day Completion Guarantee


Please contact me to discuss costs of logo designs, traditional or mixed media, 3-D crafts, action scenes and adult content.


For commercial and any commissions intended for other than personal use, please contact me directly at .


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